The Five Critical Steps in Understanding a Business Valuation:
From Estate Planning to Exit Planning

A webinar hosted by Pat Soldano, with keynote speaker Mark E. Lingerfield, MPI.

Business Valuation Expert Mark E. Lingerfield of MPI Details The Five Most Important Things To Consider About the Worth of Your Family Business in a New Webinar Hosted by Family Enterprise USA

A partner at Princeton-based MPI, Mark is responsible for client service and business development strategies in MPI’s Mid-Atlantic Region. An expert in family business planning, Mark has determined the value of closely held securities of companies for a variety of purposes, including estate and gift taxes, income taxes, fairness opinions, stock purchase plans, buy-sell agreements, ownership succession, Employee Stock Ownership Plans, corporate and shareholder planning and S corporation conversions.

If you are wondering about the value of your family-owned business this is a must-watch webinar. During this 45-minute webinar, by Family Enterprise USA, you will be able to ask questions and get the answers critical to your future planning.

This important webinar will include:

  • Discussion of minority vs. enterprise values for privately-owned businesses, and differences in methodology for each
  • Why business valuation is required when doing complex estate planning for business owners
  • Typical issues raised by IRS for business valuations in gift/estate tax transactions
  • Issues with doing complex estate planning in anticipation of potential exit event
  • Exit planning process, and the role business valuation plays


Learn more about Mark E. Lingerfield, MPI.

About The MPI
MPI is a national consulting firm serving both private and publicly held companies. Since 1939, MPI has prepared thousands of valuations in a wide variety of industries and for many purposes. Our valuation and investment banking practices are national in scope, with clients in every state. We have significant experience providing advisory services to Boards and management teams on topics such as shareholder liquidity options and the valuation implications of various strategic initiatives. Our valuation services can be broadly categorized into Corporate, Transaction Advisory, Financial Reporting, Litigation Support and Tax-Based applications.

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