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Policy and Taxation Group is the Voice for Family Offices and Successful Individuals in Washington, DC focused exclusively on the critical tax and economic policies that impact them.

Since 1995, PATG has been the leading advocacy group working to reduce and eliminate estate tax, gift tax, and generation skipping transfer tax while blocking increased income tax and capital gains taxes, the creation of a wealth tax, and other hostile tax policies that punish hardworking taxpayers and success.

Policy and Taxation Group

For more than 25 years, Policy and Taxation Group has effectively achieved many Legislative Accomplishments. Recent Wins include Blocking These Sweeping Historic Tax Increases:

  • Increases in the Top Income Tax Rate
  • Increases in Estate Tax Rate and Reduction in Lifetime Exemption
  • Eliminating of Valuation of Discounts for Estate Tax Purposes
  • Elimination of Grantor Trusts
  • Elimination of Step-Up In Basis
  • Limitations on Retirement Accounts and Elimination of Holding Private Stock in IRA’s
  • Increase in the Top Capital Gains Tax Rate
  • Curtailing Passthrough Business Profits (199A)

The Danger Still Lurks: How Washington May Raise Taxes & Punish Financial Success. Threats Still on the Table:

  • Tax Proposals Don’t Die. They Are Deferred. Administration Takes Another Run at Tax Increases in FY 2024 budget
  • President’s s Tax Regulatory Agenda – Using the power of his pen to achieve goals bypassing Congress. Treasury has the authority to change current regulations
  • Democrats Push For Executive Action. Senators issued a letter to Treasury urging it to use its authority to limit the abuse of trusts by the ultra-wealthy
  • Democrats Fire Up Investigations of Successful Entrepreneurs
  • The IRS Will Dramatically Increase Audits


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There is much at stake, and now is the time to invest in the future – a future free of unfair, over-burdensome taxes. Please let your voice be heard by joining Policy and Taxation Group and help keep the American Dream alive.


Horror Stories

The “Death Tax” affects everyone –manufactures, retailers, restaurants, farms, and businesses of all sizes, their employees, their children and grandchildren, and more importantly, their very legacy.

Current Legislation

Policy and Taxation Group advocates in a Bipartisan manner to favorably influence legislation, both proactively introducing legislation and reactively blocking negative tax provisions in existing bills. This includes the repeal of estate tax, gift tax and generation-skipping transfer (GST) taxes, and against increased income and capital gain taxes, the creation of a wealth tax, and other taxes that significantly limit the ability of these businesses to remain family owned.


This form of double taxation at death has a destructive impact on families, family offices, successful individuals, job creation, and the national economy.


Policy and Taxation Group is the Voice in Washington, DC for Family Offices and Successful Individuals, focused exclusively on the critical tax and economic issues that impact them.