Policy and Taxation Group is the Voice of Family Offices and Successful Individuals in Washington, DC, focused exclusively on the critical tax and economic issues that impact them.

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Since 1995, Policy and Taxation Group has won numerous legislative victories. This grass-tops organization advocates for the reduction and ultimate elimination of estate, gift, and generation skipping transfer taxes, and other taxes that punish hard work and success. Policy and Taxation Group regularly meets with Members of Congress and senior staff, the Executive Branch and Agencies to educate them about the significant contributions of successful individuals to the national economy, job creation, economic development, and philanthropic and community support.


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There is much at stake, and now is the time to invest in the future – a future free of unfair, over-burdensome taxes. Please let your voice be heard by joining Policy and Taxation Group and help keep the American Dream alive.


Horror Stories

The “Death Tax” affects everyone –manufactures, retailers, restaurants, farms, and businesses of all sizes, their employees, their children and grandchildren, and more importantly, their very legacy.

Current Legislation

Policy and Taxation Group advocates in a Bipartisan manner to favorably influence legislation, both proactively introducing legislation and reactively blocking negative tax provisions in existing bills. This includes the repeal of estate gift and generation-skipping transfer (GST) taxes, and against increased income and capital gain taxes, the creation of a wealth tax, and other taxes that significantly limit the ability of these businesses to remain family owned.

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Join us by becoming a Supporter. Your support funds our strategic government relations, advocacy, and communications efforts on behalf of family offices and successful families to defeat harmful tax increases. The Policy and Taxation Group’s team participates in hundreds of meetings with the US Congress and federal agencies to educate and to advocate on your behalf.

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Policy and Taxation Group is the best way for family offices and successful individuals to have a meaningful influence on the destructive taxes that impact you. Our team is composed of subject matter experts that worked in the relevant Congressional tax committees and federal government agencies.

Our Supporters receive substantive benefits, including regular updates, insider information, and critical situation awareness on the issues that affect family offices and successful individuals. We provide you with a seat at the table with the decision makers. PATG hosts several fly ins to Washington, DC each year where you are invited to meet with Members of Congress and other influencers (participation in our meetings and events is optional). Our Supporters may remain Anonymous because of our 501c4 status.

Estate Tax Horror Stories

“I simply could not believe a law this backwards and unjust could be in effect in our country. How dare someone in the government feel they have the right confiscate my family’s 60 years of blood, sweat and tears so they can have their nearly 50% tax?”

Los Angeles, California

“Five times our family has been subjected to the Estate Tax. Between the 1950s and 1980s, vast amounts of money (tens of millions of dollars) were raised to pay the tax. Lands were clear cut, mills liquidated, communities destroyed, but we survived. The next hit will be too great. The Estate Tax will take us out.”



“Recently my mother was declared incompetent to handle her affairs. Imagine the families surprise to find she was worth approximately 6 million dollars. There was no estate planning. They worked and paid their taxes every year since they were teenagers. My father worked for the government and served in the Army during World War II. The estate tax must be repealed.”


Charlotte, Virginia

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