UHNW Institute Taps Policy and Taxation Executives Pat Soldano and John Marino for Advisory Board, Faculty Posts


UHNW Institute, the nonprofit think tank and learning exchange for ultra-high wealth families and family offices that serve them, has brought into its organization Pat Soldano and John Marino, both with the Policy and Taxation Group based here.


UHNW Institute, with a goal to provide ultra-high-net worth families and family offices with independent management tools and insights, has named Soldano to its Advisory Board. Soldano is also President of Family Enterprise USA and Policy and Taxation Group. Both non-profit organizations promote and advocate for job creation, growth, viability, and sustainability for family businesses.

Marino, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development for Policy and Taxation Group, will be brought on as part of UHNW Institute’s teaching faculty and learning exchange.

The UHNW Institute’s educational stated focus is to elevate the wealth management industry knowledge base. Marino will be part of the advisor faculty that provides independent insights, thought leadership, and policy experiences aimed at helping institute’s ultra-high-net-worth audience find unbiased, valuable tools for managing their enterprises.

We are thrilled to have both Pat and John join our team of experienced family business professionals,” said Steve Prostano, Founder & Chairman of The UHNW Institute. “Their insights into the critical challenges facing multi-generational family businesses and family offices will be valuable to our clients looking for independent, unbiased knowledge, and peer-to-peer collaboration.”

The institute bases its learning on what it calls “Ten Domains of Family Wealth.” The domains were developed on an analysis of the specialized needs of ultra-high-net-worth families. The model includes disciplines that focus heavily on technical and relationship skills between families and their advisors.

The independent advisory role the institute plays is the ideal platform for the unbiased, bipartisan work we do for our family business and family office supporters and members,” said Soldano. “We look forward to working with the entire team at the UHNW Institute and being a valued resource to their clients, especially with issues on Capitol Hill, and with the formation of the new Congressional Family Business Caucus.”

Marino’s faculty role at UHNW will draw from his experience in working to reduce or eliminate burdensome taxation and regulation that hurts family businesses of all sizes, in all industries.

“We’ve had success in reducing or stopping policies on Capitol Hill that hurt family businesses,” said Marino about joining the faculty at UHNW Institute. “It will be important to have the institute’s audience understand the critical nature of supporting our tax reducing initiatives in Washington,” he said. “I look forward to providing insights and action steps that help inform multi-generational family businesses and their family offices about the issues seriously affecting them now, and in the future.”

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