Friday Oct 28, 2022

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM CDT / 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM PT

Families and their businesses are under attack by Congress. The proposed Congressional tax and economic policies would hurt families, family offices and family businesses!

Family Businesses employ 59% of all workers, 83.3 million jobs, in the US and generate 54% of GDP or $7.7 trillion, (“2021 Contribution of Family Businesses to the US Economy”; Piper and Astrachan provided by FEUSA), yet they face challenges from Congress each day.

The voter wants both political parties to address their issues; but per Frank Luntz, “There is precious little that both Democrats and Republicans agree on. When it comes to the tax code, the objective should be to win over both sides. Unfortunately, that is impossible!”

Yet when the voter is told that 70% of the taxes in America are paid by 10% of Americans, they don’t care, they think they should PAY MORE! (Most recent Voter poll by FILuntz August 2021)

Join a presentation where Pat Soldano will share important insights collected from the FEUSA’s annual family business survey and provide valuable information such as their top tax concerns, and significant family business challenges. Learn how tax and economic legislation could affect you and your enterprise as well as the voter attitudes that drive legislation.

Presented by Pat Soldano, President of PATG, President of Family Enterprise USA

Policy and Taxation Group is the leading information, education and advocacy organization working for the reduction and ultimate elimination of estate, gift, and generation skipping transfer taxes, and other taxes that punish hard work and success. Our Mission is to challenge hostile tax policies that meaningfully and measurably impact families and limit the ability of family businesses to remain family owned. We work with Congress in Washington DC against high Income Tax Rates, possible elimination of Valuation Discounts, increase in Capital Gains Tax, enactment of a Wealth Tax, and the continued burden of the Estate Tax (death tax), and the possible elimination of Step up in Basis.

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The need for fact-based reporting of issues important to multi generational businesses and protecting a lifetime of savings has never been greater. Now more than ever, multi generational businesses and family businesses are under fire. That’s why Policy and Taxation Group is passionately working to increase the awareness of issues important to generationally-owned family businesses built on hard work, while continuing to strengthen our presence on Capitol Hill.  Those issues include Step Up in Basis, gift tax, Valuation Discounts, Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax Rates, Wealth Tax, & Estate Tax (death tax).

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