Mark Peters, CEO Butterball Farms, Speaks with Pat Soldano About Keeping a Multi-Generational Family Business Growing, Fighting Taxes, and Harnessing the Power of Collaboration to Stabilize a Workforce

Family Enterprise USA’s Pat Soldano sits down with Butterball Farms CEO Mark Peters to address a wide range of topics affecting multi-generational family businesses.

Founded by Leo Peters in 1951 in Grand Rapids, Mich., Butterball has been famous for its embossed butter roses and other butter-based products. In 1995, Mark Peters took over the helm. In this interview he discusses with Pat how things have changed for family businesses, how legislation is hurting growth, and how he has employed revolutionary concepts to keep his work force happy and productive. He also talks about how to use the power of collaboration to stabilize your workforce and impact your community.

In a future webinar, Peters will explain in detail how he created new structures to help keep employees retained and happy. His recent book on the subject is called, “The Source.”

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