Family Business Matters; Research, Data and Issues Facing Family Businesses in 2021

Family Businesses employ 59% of all workers in the US and generate 54% of GDP, (“2021 Contribution of Family Businesses to the US Economy”; Piper and Astrachan by FEUSA), yet they face challenges from Congress each day that nonfamily businesses do not face. Family businesses are always concerned about the economy and legislation and how they will both impact their businesses.

Learn more about the current family business research, supported by Cornell University Smith Family Business Initiative, on family businesses in
the US, as well as the concerns and issues of family businesses before and after the pandemic, from the 2021 FEUSA Annual Family Business Survey.

Policy and Taxation Group is your voice in Washington on economic freedom. We advocate for policies that allow American families to fully enjoy the economic liberties and benefits of a robust free market unique to our nation. For over 25 years, we have been the loudest voice in the nation’s capital on eliminating the death tax. This ill-conceived tax has a destructive impact on families, family businesses, job creation, and the national economy.