There are efforts in DC to make the estate tax (death tax) worse; higher than a 40% tax on your business and all your assets! But there is hope; a bill to reduce the rate of tax from 40% to 20% has been introduced in the House HR 3178 and in the Senate S1627.

We need YOUR help!!!!

It’s now time for you to take action. Contact your US Representative and US Senator today and let him or her know your feelings about these bills.

Congressional offices tally input from constituents to determine if a member should cosponsor a bill, so they DO LISTEN TO YOU! LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!!! CONTACT YOUR MEMBER OF CONGRESS WITH THE TOOL BELOW!

We’ve created this tool to help you quickly identify and contact members of Congress currently representing you. Regardless of your political affiliation, you have the power to make your voice heard by contacting your representatives and advocating for the issues that matter most to you.

Policy and Taxation Group is your voice in Washington on economic freedom. We advocate for policies that allow American families to fully enjoy the economic liberties and benefits of a robust free market unique to our nation. For over 25 years, we have been the loudest voice in the nation’s capital on eliminating the death tax. This ill-conceived tax has a destructive impact on families, family businesses, job creation, and the national economy.