It has become abundantly clear that general public sentiment about the wealthy has been degrading over the last few years. A day hardly passes without headlines about wealth inequality, income disparities, and calls from politicians to have the wealthy “pay their fair share.” 
We knew we needed to understand this animus and the underlying motivations to combat the often-wrong perceptions and attitudes surrounding the wealthy. Toward that end, PATG members stepped up to fund a Frank Luntz project, “The War on the Successful.” 
The report is finally here, and unfortunately, it’s what we expected. The general public is unhappy with capitalism, likes socialism, thinks the system is rigged for the wealthy and wants to see the rich taxed more! Now that we’ve identified the touchstones on this issue, we’ll work with key stakeholders and influencers to try and change the discussion in a positive way.
A synopsis of the report is attached, and a full copy of the study is available to PATG supporters who request a copy.
Thanks again to those who helped make this effort possible, and I look forward to updating you all as we use this information to further our goals of eliminating the death tax.