Pat Soldano will be speaking at IvyFON on September 17, 2019 in Newport Beach, CA; see link for location and agenda;

Topic: Family Businesses; Voters Concerns; Legislative Solutions
Policy and Taxation Group/ Family Enterprise USA.

Family Businesses employee 62% of all workers in the US and generate 64% of GDP, yet they face challenges from Congress each day. The voter wants both political parties to address their issues, as the divide grows between voters, and both parties move further toward the extreme of their b

Learn what family businesses want and what they are doing to bring attention to their challenges. Hear what the voters want from Congress and how Congress is attempting to address the concerns of the voters, and family businesses.

What possible legislative action will be taken and what are the opportunities for change. Please let Pat know if you want to attend and you can come as her guest at no cost.