Clarity is scarce, and at a premium, in Washington today.

Complicated, complex, and contentious issues abound. Healthcare, immigration, foreign relations. The list goes on. Pick one. The common denominator is always that there seem to be more questions than answers.

So we offer the policymakers who will read this document a some certainty in this fluid political environment: on the issue of the Estate Tax, the American people clearly and compellingly support a full and final repeal.

Luntz Global Partners and the Policy and Taxation Group conducted a post-election, nationwide survey of 1,000 voters gauging their attitudes, priorities, and concerns about tax policy. There is one specific tax reform policy that aligns you with most voters to deliver a healthier economy, protect small business owners and their savings, and make the tax code simpler and fairer.

The American people have already decided they want the Estate Tax put to death. Now it falls on their leaders to hear the message and take action.

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