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Policy and Taxation Group

New Family Enterprise USA Video on Taxes Depicts Painful Decisions Multi-Generation Family Businesses Make Upon Leader’s Death

Video Series, ‘Unsung Heroes’, Tackles Struggles and Triumphs Family Businesses Face Daily, including Hurtful Government Policies, Taxes, and Succession

The hard decisions multi-generational family businesses must make on the death of their founders come to life in a new video, “Unsung Heroes: Struggles and Triumphs of Family Businesses,” presented by Family Enterprise USA.
Unsung Heroes: Taxes & Family Businesses - A Must-Watch Video

Click here to learn more about this story and watch the video.

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August 9: FEUSA/PATG luncheon event, Denver, CO

August 10: Reception & Presentation, Chattanooga, TN

September 11-12: University of Cincinnati Annual Gala
September 12: “Protecting The Wealth Of Family Businesses In A Volatile Tax Environment”, Virtual

September 13: Brown and Streza Webinar; "Philanthropic Strategies for Successful Families"

September 20: Members & Supporters Meeting, Washington DC
Voice of Family Business on Capitol Hill
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The need for fact-based reporting of issues important to family offices and successful individuals and protecting a lifetime of savings has never been greater. Now more than ever, family offices and successful individuals are under fire. That’s why Policy and Taxation Group is passionately working to increase the awareness of issues important to family offices and successful individuals, while continuing to strengthen our presence on Capitol Hill.
About Policy and Taxation Group
Policy and Taxation Group is the national voice for family offices and successful individuals. In Washington, DC it is focused exclusively on the critical tax and economic policies that impact them. Policy and Taxation Group is the leading advocacy group working to reduce and eliminate estate tax, gift tax, and generation skipping transfer tax. At the same time, Policy and Taxation Group works hard to stop all other hostile tax policies, including blocking increased income tax and capital gains taxes, the creation of a wealth tax, and other policies that punish hardworking taxpayers and success.
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