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Each American Dream is a 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to defending and promoting the values of economic freedom, economic opportunity and the American Dream.

Each American Dream is pushing back against the politicians who are trying to divide Americans by class and income for political gain and who seek to use the tax code to punish achievement. Each American Dream works to encourage and build respect for hard work and upward economic mobility, end the “stigma” of success and advocate for public policies that fuel real economic growth and help create more jobs and more wealth for more people. Each American Dream is focused exclusively on winning American hearts and minds by effectively presenting the compelling case for economic freedom and reshaping the national debate on wealth and tax fairness. Through message development, message training and message promotion, Each American Dream is leading the fight to understand what language moves the American people, empower and equip opinion leaders to communicate most effectively and deliver messages that advance economic freedom. Each American Dream is a mission-driven organization whose work is made possible by individuals, families and businesses who believe the American Dream and economic freedom are vital to the future of our country.

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