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Mission Statement

The Family Business Caucus seeks to educate Members of Congress about the contributions of family businesses, the backbone of the American economy, to the nation and local communities. This includes small to large sized businesses from diverse industries that are located throughout the nation.

The Caucus seeks to create awareness within the Congress about the issues impacting family businesses, including workforce challenges, tax policy, economic issues, and community development.

The Caucus supports a regulatory landscape that is less burdensome and promotes entrepreneurship and free enterprise.

The Caucus will connect Members of Congress with family businesses in their district/home state and create a dialogue that promotes a productive exchange of ideas.


To promote the role of family businesses as community economic drivers, job creators, and significant donors to charitable and local needs, while also strengthening the national economy and contributing to government revenues.
There is no legislative agenda.


  • There is no legislative agenda.
  • Leadership: One Democratic and one Republican Co-Chair in the House of Representatives and one Democratic and one Republican Co-Chair in the Senate. Additional leadership positions, as needed, will be developed and appointed by the Co-Chairs.
  • Membership: The Caucus is open to all Members of Congress interested in promoting family-owned enterprises and in the issues impacting family businesses.


Some events and educational programs may be hosted by third parties, such as Family Enterprise USA, and organized in collaboration with the Family Business Caucus and in compliance with House and Senate ethics rules.


The Members of the Caucus will develop activities that are consistent with the Mission of the Family Business Caucus and will help achieve its goals.  These activities will underscore the role of family businesses as job creators, innovators, and contributors to local economies. Examples of these kinds of events and projects are listed below:

  • Host an annual fly-in to connect Members of Congress with family businesses in their district/home state. The fly-in could include a roundtable or town hall with House and Senate leadership to discuss issues impacting family businesses. Additionally, the fly-in could recognize family businesses for their success and leadership in philanthropy, community service, social justice, and other good will efforts in their communities.
  • Host periodic seminars, forums, and distinguished speaker series events to highlight the critical issues impacting family businesses.
  • Write and issue an annual report on the State of America’s Family-Owned Businesses. The report could chronicle positive developments and evolving challenges.  It could contain data on family-owned businesses and their impact on GDP, job, and community development.
  • Host events virtually and in person on Capitol Hill, Covid-19 protocols permitting.
  • Promote internships and educational programs for students interested in entrepreneurship.
  • Support educational onsite visits for Members of Congress and staff to visit family businesses in their state/district.
  • Establish Family Business Advisory Councils comprised of family businesses in Members’ respective districts/home states.

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