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Recruiting the best leadership and keeping them is no longer “a winging it” proposition for family businesses and family business offices, according to Linda C. Mack, founder and president of strategic recruitment firm, Mack International.

In a new webinar video with Family Business USA president Pat Soldano, Mack details the many new and critical decisions multi-generational family business face hiring and keeping the best leaders in an extremely tight and metrics-based economy.
WEBINAR REPLAY: Linda C. Mack of Mack International Talks About Recruiting and Retention Strategies
In the video, Soldano and Mack discuss recruiting and retention strategies, best practices in recruiting and retaining top talent, proven processes for recruiting and retaining top leadership, and the “moving target” of remote work.

“Family businesses and family business offices need to look beyond base pay and focus on metrics for annual bonuses and long-term incentives, like supplemental deferred income, co-investment opportunities, and carried interest compensation,” Mack said in the interview. “Senior candidates want to see that family businesses are organized and have proper governance structures before they leave good positions,” she said. “As a family business or family business office, you can’t wing it anymore.”
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